is an online, one-stop-shop where entrepreneurs can easily find information and quickly create a checklist with everything required to start up or manage their business in Connecticut. 

The portal aims to prevent businesses from needing to navigate the sometimes complex nature of state government by merging many of their common needs into one simplified location online. When completing transactions through the portal, users will be interacting with several state agencies all in one seamless interaction, allowing them to get their work done quicker.

“Instead of us making decisions about what this online service should look like within government, we asked businesses about their challenges and built the service based on their feedback,” Department of Administrative Services Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe said. “Our businesses expect us to serve them where they are – not the other way around. Business owners and citizens alike think of our government as one entity – not siloed agencies – and they expect us to be working together.”

Users begin by answering a few questions. A customized checklist is generated based on their responses.  The checklist includes step-by-step instructions, links to needed forms, and contact information for help from real people.

The personalized hub allows businesses to manage their needs, from taxes to licenses to insurance.


Source: Office of Governor Ned Lamont

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Developed with funding through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.