An initiative based out of the New York City Department of Small Business Services that is dedicated to helping women start and grow their businesses.

WE NYC researched the reasons for the gender gap in business development and ownership, and developed tailored programs and tools with women entrepreneurs through user testing and intensive feedback efforts to create an initiative that connects women entrepreneurs with the resources, education and community they need to thrive. 

The program provides tools and resources in four areas:


Offers guidance to women entrepreneurs seeking to launch new ideas and increase business by connecting them with the right resources including mentoring programs and networking activities to promote personal and professional development.

WE Master

Delivers workshops that offer tools and tips that empower women to flourish while refining their unique and varied skill sets.

WE Fund

Invests in women entrepreneurs to help them access the capital they need to grow their business by reducing financial barriers women often face as business owners by creating products that address their businesses’ needs at every stage of growth.

WE Legal

Provides women entrepreneurs a range of support and services that target negotiation and legal protection through clinics for women entrepreneurs to access free legal consultations.

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