A team of regional workforce development, economic development, and city and business leaders is focused on economic and workforce development for Lane County, Oregon. 

Lane Workforce Partnership (LWP) is the designated workforce development for Lane County, Oregon. Sector work is embedded in their practices and staff use sector-based approaches to respond to the everchanging industry needs in the community. In November 2014, The Lane County Sector Strategy Team (LCSST) convened for the first time. 

LCSST is responsible for making decisions together about how to better support critical industries in Lane County, including forming sector partnerships targeting specific industries. Using local labor market data, the LCSST chose to focus attention on the Technology, the Food and Beverage, the Construction-Aggregate, and Wood Products sectors.


From 2016–2018, LWP has invested $15,914 in scholarships related to high tech careers and an additional $127,216 in OnThe-Job Training contracts with local high tech employers.  In July 2017, LWP was awarded a $783,796 contract through the Oregon Employment Department to pilot a tech apprenticeship in Lane County over the next three years. The program, called Apprenti, launched in November 2017.

Food and Beverage

In 2017, LWP partnered with the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Eugene, Lane Community College, and Lane County to fund a Food and Beverage Sector Strategist position. The purpose of this role is to be the lead convener for the Lane County Food and Beverage Sector


From 2016–2018, LWP has invested $162,000 in scholarships related to Construction-Aggregate careers and an additional $121,513 in On-The-Job Training contracts with local Construction-Aggregate employers.


Wood Products

Over a dozen industry representatives were present for the first Wood Products Sector convening and the message was clear: remove the local barriers to industry growth! Key takeaways emphasized the necessity of better alignment and coordination of local service providers and support agencies with industry to advocate for better policies, promote industry value, grow the workforce, and provide better technical assistance.


Source: Lane Workforce Partnership State of the Workforce Report 2018

More information:    Ashley Espinoza, Sector Strategy Director

     Email: ashley@laneworkforce.org