The WIOA youth formula program allows youth living in high-poverty areas to be considered low-income individuals. The Census Bureau has changed its website for accessing American Community Survey data, and so this is to provide revised instructions on how to use Census data to document high-poverty areas. 

This document provides revised directions for using Census data to determine high-poverty areas for the WIOA Youth Formula Program.  

Section 1 describes how to determine if an individual youth lives in a high-poverty area based on their street address. 

Section 2 describes how to identify if an overall county has a poverty rate of 25 percent or above. 

Section 3 describes how to determine the poverty rate of American Indian Reservations, Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Areas, and Alaska Native Village Statistical Areas. 

Section 4 describes how to identify high-poverty areas in your city or county for targeting your services on high-poverty neighborhoods. 

If you run into problems with these directions, you can send an e-mail to for technical assistance. 

The directions will be updated as necessary if the Census Bureau website changes. 

This current update is as of February 10, 2021.