The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently announced the availability of Foster Youth to Independence Tenant Protection Vouchers. HUD is partnering with Public Child Welfare Agencies (PCWAs) to assist youth under age 25 involved in child welfare gain access to Foster Youth to Independence Tenant Protection Vouchers (FYI-TPV)

These vouchers will help youth obtain housing at Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) nationwide. Through the Foster Youth to Independence (FYI) initiative, HUD is investing in local, cross-system collaborative efforts to prevent and end homelessness among youth with a history of child welfare involvement.

This effort requires that community partners work with PHAs and PCWAs to coordinate activities to identify, target, and connect eligible youth at-risk of or experiencing homelessness to housing and related supports.  PCWA’s must secure commitment of supportive services for youth including basic life skills, counseling on money management, job preparation, education career advancement, and attainment of GED.  This is an opportunity for WIOA Youth providers to play the role of the community partner in this initiative by partnering with PCWAs and the PHAs to connect eligible youth under the FYI to supportive services and training activities.