The month of October observes several areas that addresses issues and topics that affect youth.  The following resources are from various communities within WorkforceGPS that address those areas on interest as we continue to connect young people to educational, workforce and training opportunities.

National Bullying Prevention Month is a time to focus and raise awareness on bullying and its prevention.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is a time to learn more about disability employment issues and to celebrate the contributions that disabled workers make to America’s society.

National Dropout Prevention Month seeks to highlight the ongoing need for dropout prevention research and model programs until our nation’s dropout rate reaches zero.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month asks individuals and businesses of all sizes to remain diligent in their protecting themselves from hackers and privacy breaches.

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month highlights the vital role of substance abuse prevention in both individual and community health.  

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month focuses on support to the victims and survivors and strategies to prevent these acts of violence.

Additional Resources: