Youth spoke. The Interagency Working Group on Youth Program (IWGYP) listened. And now YE4C has a collection of curated resources focused on education and careers. This toolkit was born out of the October 2018 listening session on decision-making.

21 young people from around the country discussed five important decision areas in their lives: career readiness, healthy relationships, identity, education, and access to healthcare.

Youth advised the YE4C team to develop this toolkit to address the most pressing questions on your mind. Questions like:

  • What educational path is right for me?
  • How can I finance my education?
  • How do I plan my career?
  • What job and career options can I choose from?
  • What technologies will impact jobs and my future?

YE4C created this toolkit based upon resources from reputable organizations, offered free of charge, and created for a youth audience.