Social media is always changing and staying on top of the trends can be frustrating for someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time each day in the social space. Here are two things to understand to make the most out of each day’s efforts.

Number 1: You don’t have to be on every channel, talking to everyone.

The number one thing that scares people about social media is thinking that they think they have to take an all or nothing approach. Rest assured, your communication goals won’t fail if you aren’t on every social media channel, 24 hours a day.  Social media has evolved and it’s just not realistic to be on everything. It’s ok to pick just one channel to love and cherish. 

Invest your time in the channel that make sense for your program’s goals. Consistency is crucial and it is important to communicate on your channel every day and in as close to real time as possible. 

In order to choose the best channel for your program, you need to understand where your target audience interacts and focus your efforts there. Once you decide where to start, learn everything you can about that channel and dig in. Set a weekly task list that includes time for building your network, creating content and engaging. 

Remember to evaluate your efforts. Are people paying attention? Are you learning about your prospects? Does your channel support your goals? After you’ve been at it for a while and feel confident in your network, then you can think about introducing another channel into your mix. If you are already using multiple channels, take a look at how each is performing for you. If your social media management is spread too thin, pull back and refocus your efforts on the one that makes the most sense 

Number 2: Set a budget. 

The social channels are hip to their value, and you should be too. To get the best results you need a budget. Start small, maybe designate $15 to promote a post or tweet. Assess the results and go from there. 

These two tips go a long way in laying the foundation for successful social media strategy. Additional tips and strategies will be presented in the Social Media Tool and Social Media Planning webinars.