Across the country, youth workforce programs continue serving young people in virtual environments in order to keep them connected to workforce development, education, supportive services, and training.  

This page shares additional resources on virtual engagement strategies. Please see Virtual Resources Part One for the beginning of this list.

Food, Healthcare, Housing, and Mental Health

  Food Assistance  



  Mental Health 

Serving Target Populations 

Homeless Youth

Justice System-Involved Youth 

Limited English Proficiency/English Language Learners 

Rural Youth

Online Tools 

Internet Access

Online Safety

Social Media 

We are continuously updating this page.  If you have a non-proprietary resources, strategies, or best practice on virtual engagement you want to share, please e-mail

**The Department of Labor does not endorse platforms listed outside the Federal government.  Practitioners are encouraged to conduct research to find the best ways to serve youth participants.  Most importantly, safety and privacy are critical.  Be mindful of your program’s rules and policies on engaging youth virtually. **