US Department of Health and Human Services provide a list of resources gathered through a scan of human services, health, and mental health websites, and a web search of related terms. This list is a starting point. It is not comprehensive and HHS is not endorsing these resources. Yet these resources may provide useful information for human services agencies as they shift to greater use of virtual case management.
Many human services organizations are trying to establish or scale up virtual case management systems. Many agencies are seeing a sharp increase in service demand, often without an increase (and in some cases with a decrease) in resources or staffing.

The urgency and complexity of this situation will require sustained attention and ongoing innovation. As a first step in adopting virtual case management approaches, this document lays out technology and practice considerations, as well as resources. Much of the information compiled is drawn from health care services, which has made considerable progress over the past decade in telehealth. While health care services differ in many ways from human services, telehealth services can provide useful lessons and resources.