The Division of Youth Services’ technical assistance (TA) series,Our Journey Together, provides support to workforce system professionals across the nation operating WIOA youth programs.

This webcast mini-series informs workforce practitioners about effective practices for operating summer employment programs. The webcasts are snapshots of ideas that workforce professionals may consider when planning their local summer and year-round employment activities.

Webcast series highlights:

  • Employer Engagement: Strengthening employer connections is critical for fostering economic development and high-growth employment opportunities.  In this webcast, we interview EmployIndy, (Indianapolis, Indiana) to discuss practices they have used to engage and retain employers to provide youth access to an array of work experience opportunities.  The dialogue includes a discussion about the types of employers (local, national, private, or public) partners and how the partners support their training programs to prepare youth for the workforce.  
  • Partner Engagement: Creating partnerships in a time of limited resources is essential to providing the most effective, targeted, and appropriate services to help youth identify a career pathway.In this webcast, we interview Franklin Hampshire Employment & Training Consortium (FHETC) (Franklin Hampshire, Massachusetts) to share strategies for engaging partners to enhance service delivery and highlight the benefits of coordination for providing optimal services to youth participants.
  • Recruitment and Retention of OSY:  Getting out-of-school youth (OSY) to join a program and getting them to stay until completion can be challenging. OSY may often experience multiple barriers preventing them from their full participation. In this webcast, Philadelphia Works will discuss strategies to enroll, engage, and retain OSY, and their success and challenges in this area. The dialogue will also include the role their partners play in recruiting and retaining youth. 

For more information on these topics, please visit Summer Jobs for Youth resource page on Employer & Partner Engagement and Summer Jobs page on Youth Resources on Case Management.