Many young people being served by WIOA Youth Programs have various challenges preventing them from their full participation. Developing strategies is key to enrolling young people and keeping them engaged and retained is critical to their success.

The Division of Youth Services (DYS) has compiled a list of resources on how to recruit and retain youth participants.  If you have any suggestions or best practices on this subject please share in the comment section or via e-mail at


Out-of-School Youth Recruitment and Retention Cohort Challenge shares solutions for out-of-school youth (OSY) engagement and retention. Products included a Webinar and Tip Sheets

Our Journey Together: Summer Employment Webcast Mini-Series, Recruitment and Retention of OSY interviews Philadelphia Works to discuss strategies to enroll, engage, and retain OSY, and their success and challenges in this area.

Technical Assistance Series: Supporting the Educational and Career Success for Youth under WIOA provides strategies for serving out-of-school English learners, current and former foster youth, and justice-involved youth, out-of-school youth & in-school youth.

Recruitment Strategies and Practices for Disconnected Youth describes approaches used by the seven communities that received DOL’s Urban Employment Demonstration Grants for Youth and Young Adults to recruit and engage disconnected youth. 

Creative Strategies for Recruitment and Community Outreach explores how to “tell your story” and emphasize the value of a program participants and community and includes a Webinar and Tip sheet.

Rethinking Recruitment: Partnerships and Strategies explores how the process of recruitment leverages the YouthBuild programmatic structure, schedule, and the relationships that are built, nurtured, and maintained throughout the program cycle.

Leadership Issues in Recruitment and Selection of Program Participants explains how to utilize partnerships with local leaders and community organizations to recruit participants who have already demonstrated potential for leadership.

Achieving High Attendance & Retention provides tips from YouthBuild USA on sites that have achieved high attendance and retention and has compiled a list of key practices.

Recruitment Marketing Tool and Activity Calendar includes a SWOT analysis, marketing objectives and activities, and a calendar in which to plug each activity, goal and completion date.

Office of Adolescent Health Recruitment, Retention, & Engagement provides tip sheets for programs to be successful recruiting, retaining, and engaging participants.