Opportunity Nation along with research partner, Child Trends, released a pilot Metro-Level Opportunity Index. This Index includes data for the United States and 13 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs)—geographic areas defined by the Census Bureau and unified around a common urban core area. Together, the 13 MSAs chosen include over 76 million people—nearly one-quarter of the US population. 

Highlights from the Metro-Level Opportunity Index

In all four dimensions, MSAs were more likely than not to surpass the national average. The biggest gap was found in the Education dimension, where 10 of the 13 MSAs outperformed the United States as a whole. In the Economy and Health dimensions, eight MSAs had higher scores than the United States, and seven MSAs had higher scores in the Community dimension.
While many Index results are encouraging, action is still needed. We must ensure we’re creating local and national systems that work so every person has an equal opportunity to succeed.