The WIOA Youth Monitoring Supplement, which complements the Core Monitoring Guide is a tool for Federal staff to perform program-specific monitoring of the formula-funded WIOA youth program at the state and local levels. This supplemental guide identifies compliance requirements along with additional questions which may be used to assess state progress and provide information about a state’s implementation of WIOA. 

The purpose of the on-site review is to evaluate the quality of the grant programs and services and the performance of the grants in order to determine if the programs are operating in compliance with the statute, regulations, and guidance in a manner that will ensure achievement of the state’s goals and outcomes.

The guide consists of five activities which are aligned with the statute and final regulations. These activities are (1) Governance and Standing Committees; (2) Eligibility; (3) Youth Program Design, Elements, and Parameters; (4) One-Stop Center Services to Youth; and (5) Partnerships. Within each of the five activities are two sections: (a) focuses on state-level questions and (b) focuses on local area questions. Each of the activities includes compliance questions and/or qualitative (i.e., effectiveness) questions. The questions are provided to help determine whether the state and/or local areas have complied with the Act, final regulations, and program guidance, as well as made progress in implementing WIOA youth formula-funded programs/services. The questions will also help determine where they may need to improve. We have included a section to record comments along with a complementary toolbox with additional resources.

A Webcast was also produced as a supplement to this resource and provides a brief overview of the WIOA Youth Supplement Core Monitoring Guide, a program specific guide for on-site monitoring of WIOA formula-funded youth programMonitoring for Fulfilling the Vision of WIOA Youth Program (Webcast)

In addition,  the WOIA Youth Program Elements Monitoring Checklist is a a tool for State and local areas to use in preparing for monitoring visits.

Note to user: Each activity included in the tool is designed to capture compliance with the statute, final regulations, and policy guidance, as well as qualitative information. The indicators marked with a (C) indicate compliance and assess whether the State and or local area has met statutory and regulatory requirements. The effectiveness (E) questions are qualitative and do not relate to compliance requirements.