Our Journey Together: WIOA Youth Program and Job Corps Collaboration Opportunities

Author(s): U.S. Deportment of Labor

Organizational Author(s): Division of Youth Services & Job Corps

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This document provides an overview of the WIOA Youth program and the Job Corps program specifically, and outlines strategies for coordination and the benefits of partnership. 

The WIOA Youth program and the Job Corps program are two distinct programs, using different program models; however, they both help youth ages 16-24 to attain their educational and employment goals. Job Corps has residential and non-residential programs specifically for training out-of-school youth. Most Job Corps programs are residential where participants are provided room and board while they work towards learning a trade. The WIOA Youth program provides training opportunities for in-school youth (ISY) and out-of-school youth (OSY) in a non-residential setting in every local area in the U.S.

WIOA Youth Program and Job Corps Collaboration Opportunities looks at both and how we can best collaborate between the two. 

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