Serving youth in foster care is critical in the workforce system; however, there are several myths about serving them.  This Mythbutser, Youth in foster care and WIOA seeks to debunk some of these misconceptions such as...



MYTH: Youth in foster care cannot be served in the WIOA Youth program.

FACT: Youth in foster care are eligible to be served in the WIOA Youth Program. Both the WIOA Youth Program and the foster care system can provide complementary services to youth in foster care.

Youth in foster care and youth who have exited foster care, like all youth, need many resources to assist them in becoming successful adults. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act’s (WIOA) Youth Program (Title I) and Social Security Act’s Title IV-E Program (federal foster care funding) can be leveraged together to prepare young adults in foster care for success in the 21st Century workforce.