Mythbuster! WIOA Titles I and II

Author(s): Division of Youth Services

Organizational Author(s): U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

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MYTH: WIOA Youth Program and Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (Titles I and II of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) funding can’t be used jointly to serve disconnected youth.

FACT: Titles I and II of WIOA provide complementary services to youth ages 16-24 and used together can serve disconnected youth.

Given that WIOA broadens the required WIOA youth program elements and focuses on a more difficult to serve population, partnering is even more critical under WIOA.  A primary goal of WIOA is to bring together, in strategic coordination, the core programs of Federal investment in skill development.  WIOA encourages further alignment and leveraging, as appropriate, between the Title I Youth program and the Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) program.  The following document discusses the benefits of partnering between the Title I Youth Program and the Title II AEFLA program.

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