The Federal Reserve System has released Investing in America’s Workforce: Report on Workforce Development Needs and Opportunities, a report that analyzes information gathered from nearly 1,000 leaders who work at the intersection of workforce training, recruitment, and finance. 

The study provides a current snapshot of the workforce development sector and its key challenges and offers strategies for improving the human capital of America’s labor force, expanding access to jobs, and innovating workforce development funding.

To gain insights into the regional aspects of improving workforce outcomes and investments, the community development departments at each of the Federal Reserve Banks organized listening sessions across the country during the first half of 2017. Key workforce leaders representing training providers, regional industry employers, financial institutions, philanthropy, policymakers,and academic institutions were invited to each meeting. A total of 52 listening sessions were held across 32 states and Puerto Rico, and a total of 983 leaders participated by sharing their experiences and insights. Rigorous qualitative research methods were used to synthesize and analyze the information shared during these regional meetings.