What is Passport? A new concept, structure, and pilot program for youth entering Workforce Training services in the Sioux Falls Local Office designed with Leadership Development services in mind.  The goal of passport is to increase awareness of services in the Sioux Falls community; address “no-shows” by providing services immediately; improve trust and comfort with staff members and connect youth directly with service providers

This guide for youth provides a three-part approach:

Individualized career counseling for young people

  • 100% tailored to their situation and goals

A full suite of group classes with DLR staff or guest teachers

  • Connect with goal-oriented peers, community leaders, and resource providers
  • Participate in youth-focused learning environments

Interactive booklet (the Passport)

  • Plan your own path
  • Track your progress
  • Keeping Track The Passport Four “Destinations” with suggested activities (customizable)
  1. Your next job
  2. Career exploration
  3. Higher education
  4. Adulting
  • Schedule of Events Resource Materials (graphics, concepts)
  • Info Areas (notes, business cards)
  • Stampable Spaces – keep track of what you attended and accomplished!