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Organizational Author(s): Division of Youth Services, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

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The Case Management Toolkit: Preparing Youth for a Lifetime of Success is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes youth need to succeed in their career pathways and gain self-sufficiency. 

This toolkit revises Improving Demand-Driven Services and Performance: Toolkit for Effective Front-Line Services to Youth (2007). It reflects the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (2014) and new resources available to the workforce system. The toolkit is directed to workforce development professionals and will assist others interested in developing the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes youth need to succeed in their career pathways.

Case management provides the infrastructure for effective delivery of the services proven effective in identifying education, employment, and training needs, as well as personal barriers inhibiting workplace success. The case management approach ensures youth receive relevant services, and that programs document outcomes. Case management as an activity is not an end in itself; rather it is a means to an end – skills attainment, obtaining a credential, and/or employment and ultimately meaningful career pathway.

These steps align with the chapters in this toolkit and include: 1) recruiting, intake and enrollment; 2) assessing skills and abilities and mutual planning to develop goals, objectives and a service strategy; 3) identifying labor market needs; 4) implementing the service plan and monitoring service delivery; 5) conducting follow-up; 6) tracking documentation, record-keeping and case notes; 7) evaluating and measuring outcomes; and 8) engaging employers.

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