The Division of Youth services created The Case Management Toolkit: Preparing Youth for a Lifetime of Success to help workforce development professionals and will assist others interested in developing the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes youth need to succeed in their career pathway. This toolkit revises Improving Demand-Driven Services and Performance: Toolkit for Effective Front-Line Services to Youth (2007) and reflects the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (2014).


Here are additional Case Management resources. These products come from a myriad of employment resources and some were developed prior to WIOA; however, many of the concepts and ideas are still valid within the WIOA platform and can be can be utilized to help shape stronger case management. 

  • YouthBuild Individual Development Plan assists with planning out all-around student development. It includes space for academic scores and plans for short- and long-term educational goals; services and referrals; and personal goals.

  • Blank Paper Planning is an exercise and tool in the Development of Individual Service Strategies (ISS).

  • Goal Planning Tool engages staff and the young person in the goal planning and assessment process.

  • Managing Large Caseloads offers advice, planning ideas and resources from expert counselors and college admissions advisors.