Though there is no mandated WIOA Youth Individual Service Strategy (ISS) template required, ETA has created a sample ISS template that may be used for WIOA Youth program case management. This template was developed based on 39 ISS submissions from across the country and compiles key elements, common themes and best practices from the various submissions.


The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) regularly surveys the field for training and technical assistance needs.  One topic frequently discussed (through technical assistance requests direct requests and on webinars), is the need for more technical assistance on the Individual Service Strategy (ISS).


The ISS should be developed, and updated as needed, based on the needs of each youth participant. The ISS should directly link the performance objectives for the program, identify career pathways that include education and employment goals, consider career planning and the results of the objective assessment and prescribe achievement objectives and services for the participant.


This template is not mandatory and local WIOA Youth programs should modify it to suit their needs.

Additional ISS & Case Management resources include…

Webcast on the Youth Individual Service Strategy (ISS) template is 6 minute Webcast to share the components of the Sample Youth Individual Service Strategy (ISS) from the Employment and Training Administration.

The Case Management Toolkit: Preparing Youth for a Lifetime of Success to help workforce development professionals and will assist others interested in developing the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes youth need to succeed in their career pathway.

Case Management resources and products come from a myriad of employment resources and some were developed prior to WIOA; however, many of the concepts and ideas are still valid within the WIOA platform and can be can be utilized to help shape stronger case management.