Leadership development opportunities, one of the 14 program elements for the WIOA youth program, are opportunities that encourage responsibility, confidence, employability, self-determination, and other positive social behaviors.  Leadership development includes activities such as:
  • Exposure to postsecondary educational possibilities
  • Community and service learning projects
  • Peer-centered activities, including peer mentoring and tutoring
  • Organizational and team work training, including team leadership training
  • Training in decision-making, including determining priorities and problem solving
  • Citizenship training, including life skills training such as parenting and work behavior training
  • Civic engagement activities which promote the quality of life in a community
  • Other leadership activities that place youth in a leadership role, such as serving on youth leadership committees

Check out the resources below for information and ideas on leadership development opportunities.

Leadership Competencies and Curriculum

Resources for Leadership Program Development