Teen pregnancy is a leading reason that young women leave high school.   According to YouthBuild USA, Twenty-eight percent of YouthBuild students are parents.  In the United States, nearly four out of 10 teenage women get pregnant at least once before they turn 20.
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy believes that “by preventing teen and unplanned pregnancy, [they] can significantly improve other serious social problems including poverty (especially child poverty), child abuse and neglect, father-absence, low birth weight, school failure, and poor preparation for the workforce.”  The website contains a wealth of information and data on teen and unplanned pregnancy, sex education and birth control, as well as a resource library of over 350 resources including publications, research reports, fact sheets, videos and other materials.
Stayteen.org is an interactive website directed toward younger teens (13-17 years old) that provides real, non-preachy advice and information to teens, including articles and advice on relationships, sex, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, abstinence and more.  The Ask us Anything section posts and answers users’ questions on a new theme each week, such as Friendship Drama and Summer Fling.  The site also features sex education videos and articles, and a Games and Quizzes section.
Bedsider.org is a free support network for birth control aimed at older teens and young adults (18 – 29 years old). The “Method Explorer” explores and compares all available birth control methods, with a side-by-side comparison chart.  It also includes The Guys Guide to Birth Control, a video series (featuring the fictional character, Guy Nottadadi) aimed at educating men in an entertaining way about all forms of birth control.