Department of Education Publishes Newcomer Tool Kit; Volume Designed to Help Educators Working with Immigrant Students (Including Asylees and Refugees) and Their Families: This Newcomer Tool Kit. This tool kit can help U.S. educators and others who work directly with immigrant students—including asylees and refugees—and their families. It is designed to help elementary and secondary teachers, principals, and other school staff.

The Newcomer Tool Kit provides (1) discussion of topics relevant to understanding, supporting, and engaging newcomer students and their families; (2) tools, strategies, and examples of classroom and schoolwide practices in action, along with chapter-specific professional learning activities for use in staff meetings or professional learning communities; and (3) selected resources for further information and assistance, most of which are available online at no cost. The tool kit includes five chapters:

 Chapter 1: Who Are Our Newcomers?

Chapter 2: Welcoming Newcomers to a Safe and Thriving School Environment

Chapter 3: Providing High-Quality Instruction for Newcomer Students

Chapter 4: Supporting Newcomers’ Social Emotional Needs

Chapter 5: Establishing Partnerships with Families