Tuesday, January 21, 2020 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM ET

National Youth Employment Coalition hosts a conference call focusing on The Center for Law and Social Policy’s (CLASP’s) mental health work focusing on how race and ethnicity affect how a person approaches the health system, receives services, and, more broadly, how systems and policies are designed in the first place. 


The increase in opioid use and overdose has been a hot topic of conversation, playing out in different ways—often with the top-line narrative that policymakers aren’t doing enough. CLASP recognizes this and wants to highlight how the level and type of response corresponds with who is reported to be using drugs. For example, now that the current opioid overdose epidemic is impacting mostly white, rural populations, there is significant political and social pressure to do something about it.

Call Objectives

  • Overview of intersection of opioids and race and how communities of color are underserved
  • Scope and geographical presence of the issue
  • Examine how workforce agencies can benefit from existing funding opportunities to address substance use (e.g. opioid dollars)

202-930-5663 no pin needed

01/21/20 2:00pm - 01/21/20 3:00pm


Isha Weerasinghe & Duy Pham, Center for Law and Social Policy