Tuesday, October 30, 2018 9:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM ET

Nearly 200 Americans die from opioids every day. This number, based on federal data, illustrates one devastating aspect of the growing public health emergency affecting families, communities and states. What will it take to solve this crisis? And, is evidence driving the national response?


Join us for a powerful discussion with leading public health, clinical and community experts on this timely topic at the Newsuem in Washington, DC 


Commander John Burke
President, International Health Facility Diversion Association, Past President, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators

Dr. David Gastfriend
Clinician, Chief Medical Officer, DynamiCare Health™
Dr. Jittu George
Director of Pharmacy Services, Shop and Carry Pharmacy

Dr. Rahul Gupta
State Commissioner, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Bureau for Public Health

Scott Novak, Ph.D.
Principal Associate, Abt Associates

Dr. Joanna Starrels
Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center

Dr. Lynn Webster
Pain Researcher and Physician, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at PRA Health Sciences

Admiral James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld, Jr. (USN Ret.)
Co-founder, S.A.F.E. Project US