Why are we Doing This?

Posted 11/30/2016 7:28 PM by Maisha Meminger

American Youth Policy Forum guest blogger Jessica Juliuson, technical assistance associate at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), shares insights on the pivotal role that close collaborations between employers and schools plays in supporting college and career success. Keeping It Real: Building Bridges Between Employers and Schools explores how collaboration can help young people answer the question "Why...."

Excerpt from Blog:

 “Why are we doing this?” In the end, how our youth answer this question will have the most direct impact on the skills and knowledge they retain and their success in post-secondary education and the workforce. Unfortunately, the answer to “Why are we doing this?” can be elusive. Even teachers do not always know how to respond, how to connect youths’ learning to the world outside of school, and, most importantly, how to connect learning to youths’ hopes and dreams for their futures.

 Nationwide, the businesses that are right outside the schools in youths’ communities can play a pivotal role in helping teachers and youth answer this question. Employers have keen insights into some of the important “why’s” of learning—specifically viewed through the lens of what it takes to be prepared or unprepared, to succeed or to struggle, and to make a mark and have an impact in the workplace and in the world. Indeed, work-based learning (WBL) has received increased attention in recent years.

 The important dialogue between business and teachers for curriculum development; teacher externships and student internships is key when helping students shape their educational and future careers.  More flexibility for this collaboration is much needed. 

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