How We Can Build Better Career Pathways for America’s Youth?

Posted 11/15/2016 8:01 PM by Maisha Meminger

In a recent article published in YouthToday, Debby Bielak and Willa Seldon, partners at Bridgespan Group (a global nonprofit organization that collaborates with mission-driven leaders, organizations and philanthropists to break cycles of poverty and improve the quality of life for those in need) pen an article,  How We Can Build Better CareerPathways for America’s Youth.

This articles provides six actions we can take today to support young people’s pathways to careers:

- Helping them understand the most promising industries and types of employment in their local communities.

- Providing young people access to education and training that effectively prepares them for careers.

- Seeking alternative credentialing programs that provide a pathway to economically sustainable careers when needed. 

- Providing work-based learning opportunities which give critical on-the-job experience many opportunity youth often lack.

- Creating experiences where opportunity youth can gain soft skills required to succeed in the workplace, such as learning how to give and receive feedback, or communicating effectively in team meetings.

- Connecting to counseling and other services to ensure they have support when the path gets difficult.

 These six actions are an excellent place to review and start great work for our youth.

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