The Department of Education invites workforce agencies to apply for the Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth (P3), a unique initiative that removes federal requirements that are barriers to innovative solutions implemented by state, local, or Tribal governments to improve the outcomes of some of the nation’s most disadvantaged youth. 

P3 enables state, local, or Tribal government entities to obtain waivers of statutory or regulatory requirements that impede effective service delivery to disconnected youth or youth at risk of disconnecting. The P3 model also provides the ability to blend dollars from multiple federal funding streams to provide more comprehensive, holistic services for youth without having to allocate costs among the contributing programs and separately track and report on each source of funding.

Applications can be submitted via the Federal Register before the deadline of August 23rd 2021. P3 pilots must include at least two federal programs that target disconnected youth or that are designed to prevent youth from disconnecting and that provide education, training, employment, and other related social services. 

Technical Assistance is Available: The federal agencies are offering technical assistance to help interested prospective applicants identify impediments to effective and integrated service delivery for disconnected youth and flexibilities that can address these barriers through P3 and to develop an application submission for a P3 pilot. To request technical assistance, please email with the subject line “Request for Technical Assistance.” Requests for TA should be submitted by July 23rd.