U.S. Department of Labor Announces $22 Million in Grants to Aid in Opioid Epidemic Recovery

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U.S. Department of Labor announced more than $22 million in National Health Emergency (NHE) Dislocated Worker Demonstration Grant funding to six state grantees. The grants will be used to provide reemployment services for individuals impacted by the health and economic effects of widespread opioid use, addiction, and overdose.

Supported by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, NHE Demonstration Grants provide funding to states, outlying areas, and eligible tribal governments to address the economic and workforce impacts associated with the opioid health crisis. The Department continues to review existing authorities to assist additional states as they address this health crisis.

The six states receiving NHE Dislocated Worker Demonstration Grant funding are:

  • New Hampshire ($5,000,000)
  • Pennsylvania ($4,997,287)
  • Washington State ($4,892,659)
  • Rhode Island ($3,894,875)
  • Maryland ($1,975,085)
  • Alaska ($1,263,194)

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