Coaching Boys Into Men is excited to present a Three-Part Webinar Series featuring Athletes As Leaders, a companion program to CBIM for empowering female athletes! Athletes are given the tools to be leaders in changing peer norms and school climate into a culture of safety and respect.  Learn everything you need to know to get the program started in your community with our upcoming webinar series!

PART 1: Introduction to Athletes As Leaders, Wednesday, February 14th at 2PM ET

This webinar will provide an overview of Athletes As Leaders, a leadership program designed for high school girls’ sports teams.  Participants will learn the history, context and guiding principles of the program. Presenters will cover the key messages of the curriculum, program structure, and the toolkits available for advocates and mentors. Participants will be guided through the steps of getting the program up and running in your community, including how to build relationships, present the program to potential stakeholders, and assess community readiness.

PART 2: Mentors for Athletes: Train-the-Trainer, Wednesday, February 28th at 2PM ET

This webinar is intended for folks interested in serving as mentors, who will facilitate the Athletes As Leaders program.  Mentors will explore the curriculum content in depth and learn how to facilitate the groups with athletes, being mindful of sensitive topics while also having fun!  The presenters will offer tips on facilitation skills and how to build relationships with teams.  By the end of the webinar, you will have the tools you need to facilitate the program with a group of athletes!

PART 3: Athletes As Leaders: Advanced Topics,  Wednesday,March 14th at 2PM ET

In this webinar, participants will deepen their learning about the Athletes As Leaders program and cover advanced topics.   Advocates will learn how they can train coaches, including those who may not be involved in facilitating the program with athletes. Support coaches to reinforce the key concepts of the program, model good boundaries, and handle disclosures of abuse. Second, participants will learn how to evaluate the program’s implementation and outcomes and will learn what evaluation tools are available.  Lastly, participants will explore recommended policies for schools and sports organizations that can help prevent sexual assault and promote gender equity. This webinar is intended for participants familiar with the program principles, content and structure, which is covered in Webinar 1.